The Turemilian Republic, often simply called "the Republic", is one of the three major nation-states in Fulheim.

Although relations between the Republic and the Meridian Empire are civil at the start of Arc Rise Fantasia, it is not long before war breaks out between the two states.

Government Edit

As its name suggests, the Turemilian Republic is a theocratic republic, and is governed by a Senate.

Unlike Olquina, in which the Olquinan Diva appears to hold a significant amount of power, the Turemilian Diva seems to have less of an official role in government. The Republic also has a Patriarch, who seems to fill more of a traditional "head of state" role.

Culture & Religion Edit

The state religion of the Republic is North Noireism, one of the two main factions of Noireism, the religion that united Fulheim in the past. North Noireism, and by extension, the Republic, serves the god Imaginal.

Territory Edit

The Republic controls the entire area of both the eastern and northern continents, although a significant portion of this territory is occupied by the Meridian Empire's military for much of the story.

Major Cities Edit

Eastern Continent Edit

Occupied by Meridian Empire Edit

Northern Continent Edit

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