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Tailors sell outfits that can be worn by party members. Tailor shops can be found in cities and towns throughout Fulheim.

Locations Edit

Diamant Edit

Located in Diamant's Upper Zone, this shop is run by Vill

Item Cost Character
Meridian Boy L'Arc
Legendary Hero L'Arc
Maid Uniform Ryfia
Dress with Tiara Ryfia

Carbunculus Edit

Located in Carbunculus' Circular Park map, this shop is run by Sophia

Item Cost Character
Silk-collar Coat 2000R L'Arc
Black-tie Dress 2000R Ryfia
The Artist 2000R Ryfia
The Townsman 2000R Serge
Weekend Wear 2000R Rastan
Strawberry 2000R Cecille
Ebony Dress 2000R Leslie
Casual Stripes 2000R

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