Real’s Law is a path that returns all life to the land. This Law is epitomized in the notion of Ruin. The nation of Olquina is said to exist to apply this Law and further it. - Library

Real's Law is a school of thought that proposes that all living things should die. Why should our Empire follow a god and religion that forces the apocalypse upon all of us?Weiss

Real's Law will lead to the destruction of this land! Crystallization will destroy the planet and everything that lives on it!Hosea

The crystallization in Real's Law is not actually complete destruction. Did you know that? ... Crystallization is one of the rituals of the rebirth of a planet. The Hozone crystallizes all things and beneath those crystals, new life is formed. Basically, crystallization is a way of cleaning out all the dirt that has accumulated on a planet. - Clyde

Real's Law preaches a return to nature. That doesn't necessarily mean things will be better for the human race.Clyde

According to all of the quotes, Real's Law is one of the two main Laws in Fulheim. When in action, this Law causes the apocalypse, crystallizing and destroying everything. In result, the world is reborn anew. 

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