Olquina is one of the three major nation-states in Fulheim. Tensions between Olquina and the Meridian Empire are high at the start of Arc Rise Fantasia, and it is not long before all-out war erupts between the two nations.

Government Edit

Although not many details are provided, Olquina appears to be a theocracy ruled by the Olquinan Diva, a position that is initially held by a woman named Rafil. Although the Diva is not explicitly identified as the Olquinan head-of-state, she is widely loved and respected by the Olquinan people, who refer to her as "Ms. Rafil".

Following Ms. Rafil's death, her daughter Adele, whose existence had previously been hidden, becomes the new Diva.

Culture & Religion Edit

Olquina is the home of the relgion of Olquinaism, one of the two main factions of Noireism. Also referred to as "South Noireism", Olquinaism is dedicated to the god Real, and is described by many throughout Fulheim as a "religion of destruction".

Territory Edit

Olquinia appears to control the southern continent of Fulheim, although this control may or may not extend to all areas of the continent, such as the Kopin Village on the south-west coast.

During much of the story, Olquina is under occupation by the Meridian Empire's military.

Major Cities Edit

Possible Cities Edit

  • Kopin Village (not clear whether this is in Olquinan territory)

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