Niko Bennex in his military uniform.

Nicolai "Niko" Bennex was a soldier of the Meridian Empire, and L'arc's "sidekick."


He looks up to L'arc perhaps in part because his personality is such an opposite of his own and often refers to him as Mr. L'arc in the english version of the game.

Niko is known for fleeing from dangerous situations and at times leaves the party before a boss fight only to return after the fight is over. He is also known to stutter when he is scared or when he is nervous. He has a laid back attitude as seen by how he wears his uniform or some of his other outfits. He is not very assertive and is often bossed around by other people such as L'arc or General Freya. Later on in the game, he eventually leaves L'arc a Letter saying that all the danger is too much for him and he is just getting in L'arc's way and doesn't return to the party.

Story DevolopmentEdit

He is seen again later when the party has to visit Ferris in the course of the game and is revealed to be a member of the resistance group fighting against the Empire. During this time he gets in contact with Dr. Carlisle for the party.

He is eventually taken captive by Walter Ignacy who had orginally wanted to take L'arc's Mother Elena. However he chooses to take Niko because Niko tried to protect Elena. Ignacy's plan works and L'arc goes to Lascarde Skywalk to help Niko and by association meet with Patriarch Hosea.

After the confrontation with the Patriarch a powerful weapon known as the White Spear is activated and aimed at Diamant Royal City. While Rastan attempts to deactivate the device Niko having just been rescued says he overheard another way to stop the weapon. L'arc suspicious of Niko follows him only to find out that Niko is taking a starship out and is going to try and destroy the weapon from inside it's barrel. Niko is killed from inside the barrel of the weapon when it fires, dying a hero's death and becomes mourned by his friends.


-After Niko's death the player can visit Genaral Freya's room to report Niko's death to her where she is saddened and confirms L'arcs suspicons that Niko was reporting information about the party back to the empire. She reveals that this however was done under Weiss' orders because he was concerned for L'arc and that the whole time Niko felt horrible about having to act as a spy and wanted to stop many times. General Freya also presents L'arc with the Bennex gun for Leslie which was orginally meant as a present for Niko. She also asks that when everything is over she hopes L'arc will come talk with her more about Niko.

-Cecille was the one who taught Niko to fly a starship and thus feels guilty at first before being cheered up by the other party members, she later asks Ryfia if it would be okay for her to take up Niko's promise of protecting Ryfia to which the girls both agree to protect each other.

-Like Dynos and Adele he is present in Allwise near the ending section of the dungeon and joins the party as a guest for that area. Like the other guest characters his mp lvls are set at 4 for each and cannot have his equipment or weapons changed, however his outfits can still be changed unlike Adele and Dynos. Niko uses Wind, Earth, Fire and water magic and has acess to their combined forms as well, however he seems to use Fire, Darkness, and light the most and only really uses water for healing. He seems to lack access to a 100% sp gauge excel act with his best one being Trickster at 80%.

Excel ActsEdit

Excel Name Attribute SP Consumption AP Consumption Description Level
ハートレスカノン (Brutal Cannon) - 25% 3 No attribute damage. Fastest run behavior. -
オンステージ (Showtime!) - 40% 4 HP's complete recovery 17
ニコルキャノン (Nico Cannon) Fire 60% 5 Fire damage + area effect 25
トリックスター (Trickster) - 80% 6 Area effect 33

Outfits Edit

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