The Meridian Empire, also referred to as Mederia, or simply "the Empire", is one of the three major nation-states in Fulheim. Throughout most of the storyline of Arc Rise Fantasia, the Empire is at war with Olquinia and the Turemilian Republic.

Government Edit

The Empire appears to be a hereditary monarchy. At the start of the story, the Empire is officially led by Lord Mahat, but due to illness, his son and heir apparent, Prince Weiss, serves as regent in his stead.

While Lord Mahat's son Alfonse is the true son of the former Queen Gruene, he is second in line to the throne, with Weiss being Crown Prince. This may be due to the fact that Weiss is older than Alf, and that Alf's mother, former Queen Gruene, is widely believed to have poisoned Weiss' mother, Elena and driven her out of the castle.

Territory Edit

At the start of Arc Rise Fantasia, the Empire controls the western continent, with the exception of the vast desert that covers the southern portion of the continent.

Occupied Territories Edit

During the course of Arc Rise Fantasia, the Empire mounts an invasion of Olquinia and the Turemilian Republic, maintaining forces at multiple locations throughout Fulheim.

Major Cities Edit

Occupied Cities Edit

Olquina Edit

Turemilian Republic Edit

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