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The Meridian Bible is a stone containing powerful Code that serves as the basis of all law in the Meridian Empire.

Role and Effects Edit

While the Bible has various powers and effects, it also seems to provide some basic laws (in the traditional sense): at one point, General Freya notes that the restriction that only the Emperor or his agents have the authority to break royal seals is "inscribed by law" in the Meridian Bible.

Prince Weiss warns Cecille not touch the Meridian Bible, at the risk of being cursed.

History Edit

I betcha there's a wonderful secret waiting for us, right ahead! - Cecille

The following section contains significant plot details or other spoilers!

700 years before the events of Arc Rise Fantasia, a pandemic struck the empire, and much of the Meridia family became sick. The Hierarch of Noirism made a pact with Eesa to protect those of royal blood. The pact was inscribed into the stone, which originally contained simply the Meridia family precept, and became the Meridian Bible.

23 years before the events of Arc Rise Fantasia, Prince Weiss'mother was poisoned by Queen Gruene. In an attempt to save here, the Prince broke the seal on the Meridian Bible, and attempted to use it to form a new pact with Eesa. When the seal was broken, Weiss and his father learned that the Bible was being manipulated by someone: the Meridian Empire had originally been formed to destroy Eesa, but this portion had been erased.

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