"Lightships are flying ships powered with Ray. New Lightships are build constantly using ages-old technology, though they are almost exclusively for military uses, and rarely owned by civilians."

Lightships are a major form of transportation throughout Fulheim, using Ray to allow flight.

Lightship Technology Edit

The technology for lightships was originally developed by the Divine Race long before the story begins. While most modern lightships are based on the same technology, there are very few ancient lightships still in existence, although the Cecille the Brave is one known exception.

Cecille the Brave Edit

The Cecille the Brave is an ancient lightship that was hidden inside of Dragon Prison. It is stolen by L'Arc and his companions, who use it to escape from the Empire. During this escape attempt, the ship is damaged in a collision with Mashgar, and crashes.

The party is able to find a mechanic in Ebur who is able to repair the ship, although the team has to search the Gula Church Ruins for a replacement Gyro System first.

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