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Lesie Ferrarti
Type [[]]
Location [[]]
Level HP AP
? ? +?/?
? ? ?
Elemental Affinities
Fire Wind Water Earth
Drops [[]] [[]]
Steal [[]] [[]]

Leslie Ferrarti joins the party as a guest earlier in the game during the mission in Antrax where she expresses having her own motives and reasons for doing what she does. She chooses to join Alf's group after the events where Alf is revealed to be the second Child of Eesa.

She later assists the party gain as a guest briefly during the events in the Ebur Ruins before returning to Alf's group. She aids the party again as a guest during the events of the attack on Opalus and eventually chooses to join with L'arc's group and stays on as an official party member after her sister is rescued from being executed.

Leslie uses dual guns, taking Niko's place after he leaves the party and can use any of the weapons the player had for him, they even both have the same first level excel skill. Her Excel Acts are mostly offensive in nature and she only learns a couple of supporting ones. Leslie's specialty stat is her speed stat which allows her to act very quickly, the rest of her stats are rather average though.

Personality: Leslie has a bit of a flirtatious personality and enjoys using it to tease other people especially L'arc. However she sometimes uses this as a front to hide how she is really feeling as she does not want to express her real feelings in front of the other party members. She also has an agressive side as shown through her time as Serge's torture when she was with Alf's group, this is also something she doesen't fail to remind Serge of in certain dialogues. Leslie also acts as a big sister figure to Cecille and Ryfia sharing femminine knowledge with them and trying to guide them, although they don't always realize it as such.

Family: Leslie has a sister named Angie who currently lives in Carbunculus City. Her best friend is Current head senator Shelly Greenhill and they have known each other for some time. It is not ever mentioned where Leslie was orginally born or raised however it is known that she attended the millitary academy in Opalus where she became a respected student and eventually joined the Archon unit where she worked her way up to Captain. At some point in this time her sister fell in love with a senator by the name of Douglas who was eventually assasinated by Q.E.D. prompting her to leave her possition as captain and do everything in her power to find out information on Q.E.D. which was the main reason she went with Alf's group as Q.E.D. was tageting Adele. Leslie seemed to grow very distant with her sister during the span between Douglas' involvement with her sister and her leave as captain. This is eventually revealed to have been because Leslie too had fallen in love with Douglas despite the fact that her sister and him were already in a relationship and Leslie holds it against herself that she ever felt that way. Leslie eventually faces her sister again trying to rekindle their relationship and says one day she hopes to return home to her sister.

Other Information: -After Niko's death if the player visits General Freya's room (it is the first room on the right that leads to Alf's formerly Weiss' office) she will give L'arc a gun (orginally meant as a present to Niko) for him to give to Leslie. The name of the weapon is Bennex which is also Niko's last name and can provide the secret skill of boosting offensive excel act power which is suited to Leslie since she lacks great offensive power.

-At some point after you obtain Leslie as an official party member if you return to Angie's house via the maid's entrance the maid will present Leslie with her old Archon unit uniform that Angie had saved for Leslie.

Excel ActsEdit

Excel Name Attribute SP Consumption AP Consumption Description Level
ハートレスカノン (Brutal Cannon) - 25% 3 No attribute damage. Fastest run behavior. -
ヒールバレット (Healing Bullet) - 35% 3 Minor heal. Cannon target herself. -
クレセントエッジ (Crescent Edge) - 40% 4 Clears status, straight line of effect. -
ソニックレイジ (Sonic Rage) Thunder 55% 5 No attribute hits except the last one with lighting attribute. -
フォトンライン (Photon Line) Light 70% 5 Light damage (Area Effect). 45
ブラスティビット (Blitz Boost) 75% 6 Blitz status (Area Effect). 51
ホワイトグロース(Aerial Assault) 100% 8 Untyped damage to all enemies (Area Effect). 56


Trivia Edit

  • Leslie's outfit was changed in the North American release to keep the rating consistent with the Japanese version. Her top was changed to show less of her breasts.

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