Placeholder other
Type Other
Location Lascarde Skywalk
Level HP AP
53 7,278 +4/7
1,796 8 2,766
Elemental Affinities
Fire Wind Water Earth
- Weak Weak -
Drops Full Liquid Specialty M
Steal Specialty M Specialty L

The Lascardes is a type of robotic enemy found in the corridors of the Lascarde Skywalk.

Appearance: They are bipedal robots with two non articulated arms. They're head kinda looks like a knight's

helmet with two glowing green eyes on it. They also sport two small turbine looking devices on their back


Normal Attack: It shoots a character 9+ times with its arm cannon in fast repitition.

CODE:W : Rotates 180 degrees wile firing both its cannons, damaging every character in range.


- They slightly look like Metal Gear Rex from the Metal Gear Solid series.

- Like the Imaginal Sabre, another robotic enemy, their single sync is named CODE: with a letter following.

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