L'Arc Bright Lagoon


Human (Half-Common, Half Divine)








139 lbs.



Voice Actor (English)

Brett Coleman

Seiyū (Japanese)

Yuichi Nakamura

L'Arc Bright Lagoon is the main protagonist of Arc Rise Fantasia. Taught how to use a sword from the legendary mercenary, Zamuel the Crimson Mist of the Lord Knights, he works as a legionnaire for the Meridian Empire, to earn money to cover his sick mother Elena's medical fees. For a few years up until the opening scenes of the game, L'Arc held the title of "First Sergeant" and was a major combatant for the Meridian Empire against the Feldragons. However, following the revelation that he was the Child of Eesa, L'Arc ends up involved on a journey to find the nine Rogress of Fulheim and present a chosen Law to the god Eesa. L'Arc grew up as childhood friends with Alf and Adele in Diamant Royal City.


L'Arc's father, Witchblade Rex of the Lord Knights, died when he was young. Inspired by his father and the legendary mercenary Leon, L'Arc follows in their footsteps and becomes a mercenary himself.

He cares deeply for his mother, who is currently ill with an unknown disease. He has been friends with Alf and Adele the three were kids, as they were all taught by Zamuel. L'Arc was initially scared of Alf due to him being royalty, while Alf was scared of L'Arc due to the latter being generally unapproachable. On a Feldragon hunt, L'Arc is knocked off the Lightship by a Feldragon, where he meets the Imaginal Diva, Ryfia.


Despite his serious attitude, he is actually caring towards others, but doesn't like showing his true feelings. Ryfia and many of the other members of the party are able to see through his tough exterior, and know that he is a lot kinder than he initially comes off as. After Zamuel calls him an oaf, and L'Arc sarcastically repeats his statement, Ryfia assures him that he is a "gentle oaf", causing L'Arc to becomes flustered.

There are also various parts of the game when Ryfia or another party member talks about L'Arc's personality, in which he gets embarassed and tries to end the topic quickly. He's also easy to rile up, and someone else usually has to calm him down.

L'Arc is also someone who does not simply take things at face value. Despite what people tell him what he should believe or what paths he should follow, he is not easily persuaded. He is also a very tolerant person because despite the fact that people, such as when multiple members of his party, including his two childhood friends, betray and abandon him during the game, he still tells them that he still considers them to be his friends.


Ryfia Edit

When L'Arc first meets Ryfia, he is grateful to her for saving him from a Felburst. However, he quickly becomes annoyed at her when it becomes apparent that she does not understand too many things about the outside world, such as what an inn or Ray is. Although, he does become more tolerant of her naivete, and they seem to form a friendship relatively quickly. L'Arc becomes more than willing to protect her whenever she is in danger, and he shows concern for her well-being. Ryfia also shows a great deal of empathy to L'Arc's feelings during the game, and she understands that he is a better person than he lets on.

A part of the game that showed a great example of L'Arc's tendency to protect Ryfia is the part in the Olquina Sub-Shrine. While trying to escape the monsters that Dynos rised towards the group, Niko trips and falls, bringing Ryfia down, too. In an attempt to save himself, Niko leaves Ryfia to defend for herself. As the monsters are getting closer to Ryfia, L'Arc comes in and slays one of the monsters, saving Ryfia.

During another part of the game, Ryfia falls into a coma, after she saves L'Arc from Ignacy's brainwashing code conversion. When L'Arc enters Ryfia's consciousness to help her awaken from coma, he is the only one she is able to see, and she describes him as someone she "really cares about." L'Arc is able help Ryfia wake up by telling her that they can still make a world a beautiful place, and he likes "a girl who tries to finish what she starts," and they would be together.

At the end of the game, Ryfia becomes depressed when L'Arc becomes the new Core for Esea in order to neutralize the Hozone in the world, and is put to sleep for 500 years. However, she tells him that she will be waiting for him in the future. After L'Arc finally awakens, he fears that Ryfia may have forgotten about him, but she proves him wrong when she greets him. When they are reunited, they embrace, and L'Arc tells her that he will never let her go again.

Niko Edit

Called by Alf "L'Arc's sidekick", Niko admires and deeply respects L'Arc. This is best shown when Niko quits the Imperial Army to follow L'Arc. While L'Arc finds Niko annoying a majority of the time, L'Arc genuinely cares for Niko and is distraught over his death.

Alf Edit

Alf and L'Arc have been friends since childhood. They were taught by the same master, Zamuel the Crimson Mist. L'Arc trusts Alf considerably, and even after his betrayal considers him a close friend. Alf also seems to feel the same, hoping to avoid conflicts with L'Arc, but ultimately Alf was jealous of L'Arc. Dueling him in the Verct Skywalk, Alf comes to terms with L'Arc and ultimately destroys Real. He later meets up with L'Arc in the Holy Land of Noire in order to defeat Eesa.

Adele Edit

She is a childhood friend of L'Arc, who L'Arc thought of as a little sister. When she found out that Zamuel was not her real grandfather, he told her that despite that it changes nothing because Zamuel still cares for her, and he is still her friend. Prior to the game, she developed feelings for L'Arc which were noticable to Alf, but L'Arc never noticed them. When she travels with L'Arc's group in Olquina, she shows clear signs of jealously with all the time L'Arc spends with Ryfia.

After she is kidnapped and made into the Olquinan Diva, she finds out that no matter what she does she can never be with L'Arc because he inadvertently chosen Imaginal's Law instead of her Olquinan Real's Law. Eventually her jealously boils over, and she changes into almost a completely different person.

On several occasions she seems to be obsessed with the idea of killing L'Arc, and on other occasions she shows that she still cares for L'Arc like when she saves him from being hit by a boulder. Despite the hostility she shows him, he tells her that he still considers her a friend. He is also saddened when she is murdered by Ignancy, but he promises that he would mourn her after he finishes what he needs to do.

Cecille Edit

During his first encounter with Cecille, he thought she was just a little girl. However, he seemed to quickly gain respect for her when she demonstrates her strength by punching Niko into the air. Cecille also never left L'arc's side no matter what the situation was.


L'Arc uses greatswords in combat.

For a list of L'Arc's weapons, including stats and locations, see Greatswords.


At the beginning of the game he eventually gains the power to sync with and summon Rogress, after Ryfia sings a hymn and kisses his forehead, because he was chosen as a Child of Eesa. L'Arc is considered to be an extremely powerful individual, being bestowed with the title of "Deathbringer" later in the game. He is also notable for having taken out Ignacy, who killed Zamuel, albeit with his friend's help. He also later defeats Eesa, again with help.

In battle, L'Arc is a well balanced character: He has the second highest ATK in the game, a very high DEF and RES, one of the higher SPD, decent MAG stats and high HP, all of this without the Sync effects of Rogress.

L'Arc is able to use a large variety of equipment. Nearly every single piece of equipment with the exception of robes can be equipped and used by him. He also has a wide variety of Greatswords with very good Native and Secret Arm forces. His Ultimate Weapon, Ascaron: "The Sword of He Who Protects the World", has the Secret Arm Force "Deadly Strike+++" which almost always turns all attacks during an action into Critical hits. This provides him with nearly lethal melee blows that torwards endgame, even Eesa will fall quickly.

He has a variety of Excel Acts with diferent ranges, AoE and AP costs. They are largely centered around offense. The few Excel Acts he has designed around support are also self only.

The various Rogress he can sync with provides L'Arc with various effects and are extremely useful early in game. As you progress, however, they are eventually overshadowed by gradually stronger Excel and Trinity Acts. His Excel Trinity, Disaster Fang, is Wind-aligned and is notable for having impressive power. It should be noted it counts as a melee attack; Ascaron will almost guarantee a victory.

Excel Act LV SP% AP Type Target Effect
Heavy Crush 1 25% 3 Untyped Single Damage
Accelerate 11 30% 3 Untyped Self ATK+
Earth Drive 18 40% 5 Earth Line Damage, SPD-
Gae Bolg 26 50% 6 Untyped Single Damage
Ignis Beat 39 75% 7 Fire AoE Damage
Eesa Factor 48 70% 6 Untyped Self Bless
Buster Lore 58 100% 9 Light All Enemies Damage

Outfits Edit

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