Items can be purchased at shops, received from NPCs, found on maps, and dropped or stolen from enemies.

Consumables Edit

Healing & Recovery Edit

Heal Liquid Restores 250 HP
Mid Liquid Restores 750 HP
Full Liquid Restores 1500 HP
Full Liquid Restores all Hp
MP Quick 1 Restores 1 L1 MP
MP Charge 1 Restores all L1 MP
MP Quick 2 Restores 1 L2 MP
MP Charge 2 Restores all L2 MP
MP Quick 3 Restores 1 L3 MP
MP Charge 3 Restores all L3 MP
MP Quick 4 Restores 1 L4 MP
MP Charge 4 Restores all L4 MP
All Quick Restores 1 MP in each level
All Charge Restores all MP in all levels
Specialty S Restores 25% of SP
Specialty M Restores 50% of SP
Specialty L Restores all SP
Revive Bottle Recovers from KO
Elixir Fully restores HP, MP, and SP, and recovers from KO
Cure Confusion Cures Confused status
Cure Poison Cures Poisoned status
Cure Petrify Cures Petrified status
Cure Silence Cures Silenced status
Cure Binding Cures Immobilized status
Cure Paralysis Cures Paralyzed status
Cure Sickness Cures Sick status
Cure Sleep Cures Asleep status
Cure All Cures all status effects
Reset All Remove ability point deduction
Cure Sickness Cures Sick status
Cure Sickness Cures Sick status

Temporary Effects Edit

Analyzer Reveals details of single enemy
Strength Potion Bonus to ATK
Defense Potion Bonus to DEF
Insight Potion Bonus to MAG
Resist Potion Bonus to RES
Speed Potion Bonus to SPD
Vitality Potion Bonus to Maximum HP
Heroism Potion Bonus to Lvl
Shield of Ajax Blocks all physical attacks
Shield of Aegis Blocks all magical attacks
Sand Castle Blocks all attacks
Regen Wing Regenerate HP each round
Phoenix Wing Auto-revive if KO'd at end of a round
Roc's Wing AP cost of 3 or higher reduced by 1
Monster Bait Makes character more likely to be targeted
Monster Bane Makes character less likely to be targeted
Exalot Increase XP income
Ricoalot Increase Rico income
Wepalot Increase WP income

Permanent Effects Edit

Strength Leaf Permanently increase ATK by 1
Defence Leaf Permanently increase DEF by 1
Insight Leaf Permanently increase MAG by 1
Resist Leaf Permanently increase RES by 1
Speed Leaf Permanently increase SPD by 1
Vitality Leaf Permanently increase HP by 20
2-Leaf Clover Increase LUK by 10
4-Leaf Clover Increase LUK by 100

Note on clovers: Since LUK is randomized at the end of each battle (by fleeing or winning), the effect of a 2- or 4-Leaf Clover only persists into the first battle following use.

Monster Parts Edit

Bitter fig A fig loved by insect eating plants, much too bitter for humans to eat.
Smelly Fungi mushroom by insect-eating plants, much too stinky for humans to eat.
Chewy Squids A chewy accompaniment to your favorite drink.
Chewy Chicken A chewy accompaniment to your favourite drink.
Fragrant Petal A chewy accompaniment to your favourite drink.
Plant Eyestalk Eye-like appendages from monstrous plants. Used to concoct potions.
Caterpillar Horn A rigig horn from a monstrous caterpillar. Powdered for use in revitalizing draughts.
Mow Powder Powdery scales from monstrous insects. Hallucinatory if consumed.
Frog Oil Rare oils secreted by certain frogs. Often used in antidotes.
Honey Rich and nutritious, honey is popular among health food fans.
Wolf Liver A popular delicacy in the colder regions.
Necromush Black from head to foot, a single bite will put you to sleep for at least three days.
Mansfungi Red from head to foot, this mushroom gives off a very strong odor.
Fowl Meat A true delicacy, popular even among the haughty nobility.
Paw-like Glove Warm and fuzzy, relaxing when worn.
Superb Cocoon An ingredient used when spinning high-quality silk.
Rare Ore Emits a rare electromagnetic wave. Dangerous in the hands of the uninitiated.
Bear Claws Razor-sharp claws, used when tearing prey apart.
Wolf Fangs '
Behemoth Horn An extremely resilient horn from the Behemoth family of monsters.

Armor Edit

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