Inns allow the party to rest, which restores all HP and MP.

Within Cities Edit

Inns in cities are similar to other stores: for a 100 Rico fee, the party can rest overnight, although there are some cases in which the fee is not charged (usually during parts of the story that require the party to stay in an inn).

Moon Inns Edit

Created and maintained by the followers of Noireism, the Moon Inns are a set of inns scattered throughout the world that provide travelers with a place to rest, at no charge. They are often found along the roads outside major cities, although a few exist in much more remote locations.

The Inns Edit

Name Description Location
Waning Crescent Inn Revealed Land Galois Ravine Area
New Moon Inn Forgotten Land On an island off the west coast of Fulheim's western continent
Old Moon Inn Burning Land Southeastern desert
Full Moon Inn Shrouded Land Directly south of Antrax
Half Moon Inn Revealed Land Northeast of Carbunculus, south of southern entrance to Gauss Tunnel
Crescent Moon Inn Windblown Land East of Batrachites
Waxing Crescent Inn Forbidden Land Northwest of Opalus, on the northern continent

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