Imaginal's Law seemingly implies that it prefers Life for the People of Fulheim, but in reality it actually only prefers the Divine Race. The Divine Race and the Common Race were originally one advanced civilization that lived on two space-age Skywalks that hovered high above Fulheim, sending people down into the world or holding them in a sleep-like stasis in between their time on the world. The Verct Skywalk was attacked by the Meridian Empire, half of which falling into the sea and half of which becoming the foundation for the Shrine of Olquina. The people of the Verct Skywalk, stranded on Fulheim, adapted to the Hozone over the generations and eventually became the Common Race. The Lascarde Skywalk remained above Fulheim, and the newly designated Divine Race - which could not tolerate the Hozone and required the use of Dragon Gems to sustain their lives on the earth, and even that would be temporary, requiring a return to Lascarde for rest and for a new Dragon Gem. The Common Race, however, could no longer survive without Hozone and cannot stay inside of the highly purified spaces of the Divine Race on Lascarde without the use of an alternative Dragon Gem adapted for them.

The Skywalks were the homes of the gods Imaginal and Real, the children of the God Eesa whom were given the task of developing better and better Laws to govern the people. A Child of Eesa - a human being with the Eesa Factor within them - would be born to choose either Imaginal's Law or Real's Law and propose it to Eesa, a godlike being that controlled the Ray and the Code of the world and could implement either Law throughout the world. Real's Law considers human beings and most life forms to be wasteful and unsustainable and destructive, and would unleash Hozone crystallization upon the planet. Hozone crystallization, from the perspective of Nature, is the rebirth process of a planet. Though this would destroy all life as we know it upon the planet, a new lifeform would rise from beneath the crystalized planet and be reborn.

Imaginal's Law is the opposite ideal. It considers human beings - particularly, the Divine Race; Imaginal does not see the Common Race as human, but as animals - an essential lifeform that Fulheim exists FOR, and that Hozone is a poison that would destroy the planet and give rise to an age of death, toxins, and noxious creatures that are a bane to the world around them. Imaginal's Law would eliminate the Hozone and purify the planet, making it totally hospitable for the Divine Race, defying Nature with the power of the Gods for the sake of the Chosen People. This would, of course, make the planet inhospitable for the Common Race and many forms of life on the planet now that have adapted to a world with Hozone, requiring new life to be created by the power of Imaginal and the highly advanced technical abilities of the Divine Race.

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