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Guns are the class of weapons used by Niko and Leslie.

Note: Except where "N/A" is listed, all guns have Gun Mastery as a native arm force.

Weapon List Edit

Name Location Secret Native Unlockable L1 L2 L3
Soldier Gun Initial Equip (Niko) 15 15 30
Cool & Sweet 55 28 27
Heimfooter 38 37 75
Bugkiller 53 52 105
Mailbreaker 90 90 180
Peacemaker 165 83 82
The Detective
Watergun II
Maneater Initial Equip (Leslie) Human Bane + Human Bane 45 45 90
The Chaser Flagship Percival Followup Combo Strike Combo Strike+ 210 105 105
Drainer Magnum Ferris (shop) Steal HP500 Absorption 90 90 180
Hypno Magnum Ferris (shop, resistance) Block Asleep Boost Force Add Asleep 58 57 115
Binder Magnum Batrachites (shop) Block Immobility Boost Force Add Immobility 73 72 145
Carn Diva Diamant (shop, resistance) Act Last Act First SPD15 110 110 220
Heavy Arms Lascarde Skywalk (shop) Boost Heal Act First HP2000 113 112 225
Ray Charger Lascarde Skywalk Boosted Magic Add Stun Magic Save MP 235 118 117
Bennex Castle Diamant (after Lascarde Skywalk) Boost Excel Act Master Mage Fixed SP50 245 123 122
Q.E.F. Nabra Jungle (Jack Lantern drop, endgame) LUK100 750 150 99
Kiss of Death Allwise Infinite Dungeon ATK15 Combo Strike+ Followup 250 125 125
Gungnir Allwise Infinite Dungeon Boost Force Big Critical Lady Luck 240 120 120

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