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Locations Edit

Name Location
Imperial HQ Diamant Royal City
Antrax Branch Antrax
Capital City Branch Carbunculus
Holy City Branch Benetnasch City
Mountain Branch Batrachites

Quests Edit

Quest Condition Reward
These Fowl Birds! Hunt: 10 Chick 200R, Heal Liquid
Weeding Request Hunt: 15 Mad Plant 500R, Cotton Robes
Out of Honey Collect: 10 Honey 1500R, Speed Potion
Tastes Like Chicken Collect: 10 Fowl Meat 2000R, Monster Bait
Those Fowl Birds!!! Hunt: 10 Beak 1000R, Revive Bottle
Pest Control Hunt: 10 Scythe 2000R, Reset All
Mushroom Hunting Collect: 5 Necromush

Collect: 5 Mansfungi

2000R, Insight Potion
Seeking Silk Collect: 10 Superb Cocoon 6000R, Hardened Shoes
Monster Research Collect: 30 monster entries 3000R, Scholar Glasses
Cute Little Devils Hunt: 10 Kul-eeth 3500R, Velvet Cloak
Revenge of the Bugs Hunt: 1 Death Scythe 18000R
We're Being Watched Hunt: 10 Oak Eye 3000R, 2-leaf Clover
Brawny Fiends Hunt: 10 Bear 3500R, Metal Guard
A Special Kind of Stew Collect: 2 Chewy Squid

Collect: 2 Chewy Chicken Collect: 2 Fragrant Petal

4000R, Strength Potion
In Search of an Antidote Collect: 5 Plant Eyestalk

Collect: 5 Caterpillar Horn

7000R, Elixir
Feline Accessories Collect: 10 Paw-like Glove 18000R, Defense Potion
Courier Duty-1 Deliver to Benetnasch 5000R, Vitality Potion
Those Fowl Birds!!!!! Hunt: 1 Diana 20000R
Undersea Assault Hunt: 1 Remora 20000R, Earth Gem
Lovely and Lethal Hunt: 15 Assassin Cat 7000R, Silver Plate
Afternoon Tea Party Collect: 5 Dolly Teaset 15000R, Heroism Potion
Hopping in the Snow Hunt: 10 Snow Frog 6000R, High Liquid
Local Produce Collect: 10 Wolf Liver 2000R, Resist Potion
Vicious Little Devil Hunt: 1 Carbuncle 20000R, Fire Gem
Den of Horrors Hunt: 1 Callisto 55000R
Nightmare in the Ruins Hunt: 1 Thanatos 55000R
Mysterious Ore Collect: 5 Rare Ore 20000R, Monster Bane
It's so... Big! Collect: 1 Gigantic Horn 55000R, Swordbreaker
Rich and Capricious Collect: 10 Bear Claw

Collect: 10 Wolf Fang Collect: 5 Behemoth Horn

40000R, Phoenix Wing
Pooch Chow Find & feed all dogs 111111R, Shield of Ajax
Armchair Pilgrim Pray at all Moon Inns 20000R, Shield of Aegis
Planning a Concert-1 Benetnasch, Cathedral Road 5000R, Regen Wing
Planning a Concert-2 Batrachites, Gauss Tunnel, Batrachites 7500R, Revive Full
Planning a Concert-3 Diamant Royal City, Diamant Upper Zone 10000R, Blessed Scarf
Mysterious Request Find Kopin Village 10R
Archaic Relics-1 Explore Zeifellt Holy Tower 20000R
Archaic Relics-2 Explore Olquina Sub-Shrine, B3 30000R
Wanted-Fugitives Follow clues from Gauss Tunnel 10000R, Roc's Wing
A Supicious Gathering Go to Gula Church 15000R, Speed Leaf
We Challenge You! Go to Resolvent Iceberg 20000R, Night Queen
Find the Bandits Explore Mandelro Coast 30000R, Lucky Tokens
Courier Duty-2 Diamant Royal City, Batrachites, Ebur 7500R, Hercules Ring
Courier Duty-3 Opalus, Ferris, Opalus 10000R, Vitality Leaf
Courier Duty-4 Topazion, Diamant Royal City Port,

Topazion, Antrax Port, Topazion, Carbunculus Port, Topazion

15000R, Iron Dumbbells
City Maids-Part 1 Maids at Diamant Royal City 20000R, Specialty L
City Maids-Part 2 Maids at Carbunculus 50000R, All Charge
Grim Reaper Collect 1 Reaper's Staff 60000R, Mistilteinn

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