"A world whose very existence is based on intricate code, ruled by governing Laws. No records exist of the origin of its name. The cradle of humanity's prosperity and decline."

The name "Fulheim" refers to the entirety of the known world within the Arc Rise Fantasia universe.

Continents Edit

Fulheim consists of four main continents: two larger land masses to the east and west, and smaller land masses to the north and south.

Western Continent Edit

The western continent is home to the Meridian Empire, which controls the area between the Galois Ravine in the north, and the the chain of mountains running northwest-to-southeast across the southern half of the continent.

While the northern portion of the continent consists of dense forests and lush grasslands, the region south of the mountains is almost entirely desert.

The northern tip of the content is controlled by the Turemilian Republic (at least, at the start of the story), and is connected to the Republic-controlled eastern continent by a large bridge in the north.

Eastern Continent Edit

The eastern continent is home to the Turemilian Republic, which controls the entire land mass.

Most of the continent is a mixture of mountains and grasslands, although the large Ellgode Volcano on the southeast coast is a notable exception.

The eastern continent is connected to the Republic-controlled northern tip of the western continent by a large bridge.

Southern Continent Edit

The southern continent is home to Olquina, which controls the entire land mass.

While the area around the Olquinan capital of Antrax Parish consists of grasslands, most of the continent is covered in dense jungle. Several enormous mesas, with almost completely vertical sides, can be found throughout the area. Strangely, the areas atop these mesas seem to have a climate (and flora and fauna) that is identical to the rest of the continent.

Northern Continent Edit

The northern continent is controlled by the Turemilian Republic, and is entirely covered by snow, ice, and steep, jagged mountains.

The continent has no beaches or obvious harbors, and presumably can only be accessed by lightship.

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