Arc Rise Fantasia​ (アークライズファンタジア, Āku Raizu Fantajia?) is a fantasy role-playing game developed by imageepoch and published by Marvelous Entertainment for the Wii. It is imageepoch's first game not developed for a handheld game console. Arc Rise Fantasia was released in Japan on June 4, 2009 and had a limited edition with the soundtrack and an Art Book, and in North America on July 20, 2010, those who pre-ordered the game from Gamestop got a game cell as a bonus and those who pre-ordered it from Amazon got 12 charachter cards.[2]


The game is a turn-based role-playing game. The player and the enemy both move and fight during the same phase of battle, but the turn order is determined by the actions taken. Parties consist of three characters who each share a single AP gauge, which empties as various actions are performed. During certain parts of the game, the active team may be made up of four members instead of three, though the fourth can only be controlled by the AI. Multiple attacks can be chained together in combos, and the player may execute a special attack called a Trinity Act when each of three characters uses a certain ability. There are also summon beasts in the game called Rogress (ログレス, Roguresu?).[3]


Arc Rise Fantasia is set in the world of Fulheim. Creatures called "Feldragons" are causing a lot of trouble as they pass the Meridian Empire in flocks. If one is killed, the resulting explosion poisons the local area. When the empire receives word that a massive horde has its sights on the capital of Diamant, it immediately sends out an army to fight them, including L'Arc, a cool and collected novice mercenary, and his friend Alf, the beloved prince and second in line for the throne.


The main character of the video game and the 1st Child of Eesa. He is a mercenary who works to get enough money to take care of his sick mother, but his uncle also takes a large sum of the money he earns as well. Despite his normally serious attitude, he has been known to lighten up from time to time, especially when he talks to Ryfia. He is also someone who holds onto his beliefs or where he stands, even when others disagree.
The main female character of the game. She is a Diva from a foreign country that is an enemy nation to L'Arc's country. L'Arc is her Child of Eesa, and she believes that it is her destiny to meet him. Her mother was attacked and killed by Dynos, and she was instructed to visit Jada, to see Simmah, and to find her Child of Eesa. She is very ignorant of Meridian culture, and she has not had much experience in the outside world. Ryfia has strong magical abilities and proves to be a useful asset to L'Arc's team. She has the ability to sing sacred songs.
The second prince of the Meridian empire and is also the second Child of Eesa for most of the game, he is a good friend of L'Arc. At the beginning of the game, he travels to Jada to search for L'Arc, who had gone missing after defeating a Feldragon. He then decides to travel with him, to the Skywalk under Weiss's commands, and is a useful ally. He is very kind, and hates when one attacks an innocent woman.
She is a childhood friend of L'Arc, who was orphaned at a young age, but she was adopted by a friend of L'Arc's father, Zamuel. Adele states that she thinks of L'Arc as an older brother, but her reactions prove otherwise. She is normally a kind person, until she is jealous of Ryfia.
A young redhead sharpshooter who is a member of the Meridian army. He is twenty years old, but still treats L'Arc as though he is older. After Niko meets L'Arc for the first time, he follows L'Arc like a lost brother, and even refers to L'Arc as "aniki" (brother) in the Japanese version and "Mr. L'Arc in the English version. He has a bad habit of running away during difficult times.
An orange-haired dagger fighter. He makes his first appearance when he saves L'Arc's group from a battle that was going downhill. He is very knowledgeable and passes on messages to each group.
A twelve year old girl, who has been traveling in search of her family. Cecille is much stronger than she looks, and she takes great pride in being a warrior. She is the OLDER sister of Dynos. She does not get along much with Niko because of his insult. Cecille believes firmly in justice, and travels down "the Path of Valor".
A thirty-nine year old, dual sword wielding warrior, who makes his first appearance at the beginning of the game, but he does not become fully playable until later.
A pink-haired gunslinger that first meets L'Arc's group at the moon inn near Antrax Parish. Throughout the course of the game she switches from being a part of L'Arc's group and Alf's group.
He makes his first appearance as the first boss of the game under the title of Deathchanter.
A 48 year old general who wields an axe and is extremely loyal to Prince Alf. He was formerly Alf's caretaker, but was then moved to Jada for guarding purposes. He joins Alf's group in the game. He opposes you as a boss character at certain points.
Weiss is the crown prince of the Empire. He is seen as cold, cunning and calculating, the polar opposite of Alf.

List of BossesEdit

The game contains both storyline bosses and bosses fought optionally. Optional bosses can be found in certain areas after completing a certain part of the game, found after the player accepts a Guild Quest, or found in the optional areas of the Carbunculus Area/Allwise Maze Infinity.



The music in this game was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Yuki Harada. The song that Ryfia usually sings, "Imaginal Song", is sung by Yui Makino, her voice actress. The opening theme is Negai Boshi "(Wish Upon A Star)" by Nami Tamaki,and the ending theme is Tenshi no Hashigo ~crepuscular rays~ "(Angel's Ladder ~crepuscular rays~" by Yui Makino.


The game was previously known as Project Ray, and was known to exist as early as September 4, 2007.[citation needed] As Project Ray, it was also shown to exist with Sands of Destruction for the Nintendo DS.[5]

The game was unveiled on June 25, 2008 in the popular Japanese magazine Famitsū.[citation needed] Hiroyuki Kanemaru, the director of Fantasia, previously worked at Telenet Japan and then moved to Namco Tales Studio, where he worked as scenario script director and level concept designer on Tales of Symphonia. Kanemaru stated that Project Ray would be influenced by old-school RPGs from systems such as the TurboGrafx-16.


The game has received mixed reviews. Famitsū magazine scored the game a 32 out of 40.[6] The U.S. localization of the game received much criticism directed towards its weak voice acting.[citation needed] It received an aggregate review score of 64 on Metacritic.[citation needed]

The game was later released under Nintendo’s "Everyone’s Recommendation Selection" of budget titles in Japan.[7]

Arc Rise Fantasia was the fourth best-selling game in Japan during the week of its release at 26,000 copies.[8] Approximately 21,000 copies were sold in the first week following its North American release.

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