"Witness the Logos of Judgement... And judge you I will!"

Absin is the Rogress imbued with the Logos of Judgement. He is found near Batrachites and bonds with Alf. After defeating Alf at Verct Skywalk, L'Arc will obtain his Logos.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Absin is a giant one-eyed ogre-like creature with a giant axe (that too has one eye). He has several horns on his head and shoulders, and two demon-like wings with scale-like spikes on the edges. His body appears to be covered in some sort of armour.

Summon EffectEdit

"Herald of Judgement, proclaim your verdict! Absin!"
When summoned, Absin lands on the ground with a slam, and swings his axe at his enemies. His attack shatters the screen and causes physical damage to all opponents with the chance of an instant KO.

Syncing with Absin gives the Child of Eesa offensive stat bonuses while decreasing their defensive stats.

Rogress Absin

Absin preforming his Rogress Summon, "Time of Judgement"


  • Absin resembles a Titan, a giant one-eyed enemy holding a club in the game Sonic Unleashed.
  • Absin is also the only offensive Rogress not to have an element.
  • Like Girtab, the only way to obtain Absin is to defeat Alf at Verct Skywalk.

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